imagineNATIVE an international Media Arts Festival brings together the latest in film, video and multimedia with Canada’s First Nations people -- showing the world the sweeping relevance of Aboriginal arts as we chart our course in the new millennium.

A complete list of works is now available in the "Film Selections" area.


  • Opening night screening of Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner)
  • A How To Pitch session
  • A pitch session with buyers from around the world
  • Special 'impromptu' screening room available (First Come, First Served basis)
  • Telefilm - how to complete an application (meet a senior producer)
  • Woodland Video Tour Bus
  • Gala awards ceremony @ CBC
Wednesday, November 21 7:00pm - ?
We are very proud to announce our opening night screening of Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner) that recently won at the Cannes Film Festival! Atanarjuat by Isuma Igloolik Productions follows the journey of an Inuit man escaping his past while hoping for a future. Inuit video maker Zacharius Kunuk shot this visually stunning film. A pre party for our 'GOLD PASS' attendees (stay tuned for a surprise 'special guest' announcement) will begin the evening with an after screening party for all our guests to end the evening.
November 21
The impact of International Trade Agreements on Indigenous Artists and Their Communities
We will discuss the importance of International Trade Agreements within the media industry and concerning Aboriginal peoples in general. Rhonda Kite from New Zealand, Greg Young-Ing and Roberta Jamieson will present.
Reaching Your Audience Through Radio
Since Aboriginal peoples history was documented primarily verbally, we found it important to highlight this panel as our flagship session this year.
Getting Accepted Into A Film/Video Festival
Bird Runningwater from the Sundance Film Festival will lead the discussion on the process to getting your works screened at these festivals. Reps from The Toronto International Film Festival, Hot Docs, Reel World Film Festival will join him.
Animation – Telling Old Stories Through New Ways
Dennis Jackson, Carol Geddes and Gilbert Baldhead will discuss the importance of animation to tell stories. This form of media will greatly influence the next generation as it easily captivates the younger audience.
Television – Show Us What We Want To See
Bjarne Store-Jakobsen, Editor in Chief at Sami TV and Melissa Wikaire of DFM Productions and The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network will discuss Aboriginal television in their countries.
Opening Night Gala
Includes a pre reception with a surprise guest. Atanarjuat (Winner at Cannes International Film Festival) will be screened.
Multimedia Submissions
View the submissions at the multimedia gallery INTERACCESS.

Learning to Tell Our Stories
Tuesday, November 21 (9:00 – 11:00)

This session will entice both new and seasoned producers to participate in an informal session designed as an interactive approach to learning basic through advanced (depending on the participants background) pitching skills. Learning to Get Our Stories Told participants will be encouraged to attend the formal pitching session so they may expand their skills through witnessing a professional pitch.

Due to the limited amount of time and the anticipated overwhelming response, producers will be required to submit their idea1s prior panelists may choose which projects to workshop. From these submissions, several will be forwarded to our second session for our formal pitching session.
Pitching Session
Friday, November 24 (9:00-11:00)
Artists will be asked to prepare an industry standard five minute pitch to present to a panel of esteemed film, video and television buyers. A brief critique by some of Canada1s top Distributors including Alliance Atlantis, Lions Gate, The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, TVO and Vision TV will give valuable feedback. Meeting face to face with buyers who can guarantee to finance a production, is a valuable opportunity to seasoned producers with product to sell. Buyers will be encouraged to attend as many festival screenings as possible.

Film and Video Screenings happen throughout the day @ Innis College and V tape.

Popcorn discussions
Emerging artists and independent producers will enjoy this opportunity to share their works in progress (and some that weren1t selected into the general program) during our popcorn discussions. First Come First Serve basis! We're receiving bookings now.


We are currently organizaing a Meet the Broadcasters, how to session.


Internet Audio Streamlining

We're organizing a live Internet streamlining broadcast throughout Saturday and Sunday during the Toronto International PowWow. This is aimed to generate excitement online with listeners around the world.
Video Tour Bus to Woodland Cultural Centre
Last year was such a tremendous success we decided to do it again! A tour bus will screen a video program all the way to the Woodland Cultural Centre. The trip includes a guided tour to the museum!
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Atrium
Saturday, November 24 6:00-10:00 pm
Our Gala will be a star studded Œblack tie optional1 event with invited guest including renowned dignitaries, actors and artists. During our proposed live to tape evening we will announce the winners of the best film, video, television, Multimedia and Radio submission. The evening entertainment begins with a traditional prayer from an Canadian Aboriginal elder, followed by ten Maori artists from New Zealand opening our ceremonies with a traditional welcome song. Tamara Podemski from the hit musical RENT will perform a traditional song off her new CD.
Standard Radio Inc. Presents...
Join us at Sambuca (a nearby venue) to visit new friends and hear last years Aboriginal Music Awards winner, George Leech perform.

Presented in cooperation with the Canadian Aboriginal Festival


imagineNATIVE media arts festival 2001, November 21-24, Toronto, Canada
Festival Hotline (416) 585-2333