Amie Batalibasi (Feralimae/ Kosi)
Solomon Islands Australia | 2018 | 360 Video | All Ages

This calming 360 piece explores the lives’ of filmmaker Amie Batalibasi’s home village in the Solomon Islands and how the sea is not only the sole source of cultural and economic livelihoods but the very thing that will shift their way of life due to the effects of rising seas and climate change. Viewers will stand in the village, be a passenger in a canoe and dive down to a reef under the water in this 360 VR work that invites audiences to learn about a people and through this interactive medium experience the stories being told.

Amie Batalibasi is an Australian Solomon Islander (Kosi/ Feralimae) writer, director, producer. She was the 2017 Merata Mita Fellow through the Sundance Institute Native American and Indigenous Film Program and is a Berlinale Talents 2018 alum. Her creative practice is driven by a passion to collaborate with diverse people and communities at a grassroots level, to unearth stories that have the possibility to spark empowerment and create change. Her films have screened throughout Australia and internationally.