Full of Birds

Sarah Biscarra Dilley (yak tityu tityu yak tilhini Northern Chumash), Ashlee Bird (Abenaki)
USA | 2018 | Game | All Ages

Step into this interactive gallery and explore what makes a space a “gallery.” This original game contemplates the overlap between the “messiness of creation” and the “orderliness of curation” and what it might mean to be inside that overlap.

Sarah Biscarra Dilley is a multidisciplinary artist and emerging scholar. Her interdisciplinary process explores the spaces between the worlds, grief & joy, and body & land. Being raised in Chumash, Chicanx, and queer family traditions - and between urban and rural environments - directly informs her understandings of embodiment and place as spatial, temporal and grounded in relationship. 

Ashlee Bird is a PhD student in the Native American Studies program at the University of California, Davis. Her work focuses on the history of representation of Native Americans in video games, as well as the decolonization of the video game industry. Ashlee wrote for the short film, The Valedictorian of Carlisle Indian School which was filmed by Rachel Nez and screened at imagineNATIVE in Fall of 2016.