Her Water Drum

Jonathan Elliot (Tuscarora)
Canada | 2018 | 17 min | English | Short Drama | World Premiere

Thu Oct 18 2:00 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 4
Part of
imagineNATIVE Originals

Created as part of the imagineNATIVE/CSV Residency

In the wake of her daughter's disappearance, Jolene, a single Mohawk mother, is forced to pick up the pieces of her life and navigate an increasingly strenuous relationship with her troubled son David. As secrets emerge, their relationship faces its toughest challenge yet as they confront the reality of their situation.

Jonathan Elliot is a Tuscarora filmmaker from the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario. Since attending York University’s Film Production program, he has worked as a director on a variety of projects, including Wild Archaeology (APTN), This Wild Season (imagineNATIVE 2017 ), and Blood Child.