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Indigenous Urbanism

Jade Kake (Ngapuhi) | Aotearoa New Zealand | 2018 | 20 min | Podcast

Indigenous Urbanism is a podcast about the spaces we inhabit, and the Indigenous community leaders who are shaping and decolonising those environments. Indigenous communities in settler-colonial nations are increasingly seeking to re-assert their identities and reinstate place-based relationships within their traditional territories. With the advent of reconciliation movements and Treaty settlements in Aotearoa, Indigenous communities are gaining greater control and influence over the design of their physical environments.

As an architectural designer, housing advocate and writer, Jade Kake is fortunate to spend much of her time with Indigenous communities working on built environment projects. She is particularly interested in using this podcast to provide inspiration and technical insight to other Indigenous communities seeking to assert greater influence over their built environments and decolonise their spaces, and to introduce new voices and perspectives to an otherwise largely monocultural architecture profession.