Métis Rose: a portrait of Elder Rose Fleury

Marjorie Beaucage (Métis)
Canada | 2012 |  49 min | English | Documentary

Fri Oct 19 4:00 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 4
Part of
Marjorie Beaucage: In Her Own Words

Like grandma used to say... 

Elder Roseʼs 86 years of living are anchored in the core values she learned from her great grandmother who raised her. This video, in her own voice, is a pilgrimage into her life as she puts things in order before she goes. An exploration of her ancestral origins in Tourondʼs Coulee, where the Battle of Fish Creek occurred in 1885, led to her lifeʼs work of genealogy research. As she says, “ I had to know....” Raising 29 children (nine of her own and 20 foster children) without indoor plumbing is a feat in itself! Through all this, Rose worked for the Métis all her life and was part of creating the first Métis local and involved in numerous womenʼs organizations to better the lives of the Métis people. As an Elder, she continues her work with schools and communities across the land, leaving her legacy.

Sit and have tea with Rose as she reflects on her life. This intimate portrait is in Roseʼs own voice...not your usual bio-pic where everyone talks about you. She is the author of her own story as told to Marjorie in the course of two years of visiting and travelling with Rose.