One Small Step

Ashlee Bird (Abenaki) | USA | 2017 | Game | All Ages

A walking simulation that poses the question, what is left in the aftermath of a colonial expansion into space? A sometimes trippy and other times all too real experience, One Small Step offers its players only one option: to witness but not touch. With no timer or limit on how long you can play, the game is a contemplative piece that asks us all to consider that sometimes one small step can leave one giant footprint.  

Ashlee Bird is a PhD student in the Native American Studies program at the University of California, Davis. Her work focuses on the history of representation of Native Americans in video games, as well as the decolonization of the video game industry. Ashlee wrote for the short film, The Valedictorian of Carlisle Indian School which was filmed by Rachel Nez and screened at imagineNATIVE in Fall of 2016.