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imagineNATIVE is the world's largest presenter of Indigenous screen content. The organisation is recognised locally, nationally, and internationally for excellence and innovation in programming and as the global centre for Indigenous media arts.

The organization presents the annual imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival, a National Film + VR Tour in Canada, and the imagineNATIVE iNstitute, a year-round professional development hub for Indigenous film + media art creatives.

Jason Ryle | Artistic + Managing Director |  e -mail

Jason Ryle | Artistic + Managing Director | e-mail

Anna Kalbhenn | Project Manager |  E-mail

Anna Kalbhenn | Project Manager | E-mail

Daniel Northway-Frank | iNstitute Director |  e -mail

Daniel Northway-Frank | iNstitute Director | e-mail

Adriana Chartrand | iNstitute Coordinator |  e  -mail

Adriana Chartrand | iNstitute Coordinator | e-mail


NATIVe – A Journey into Indigenous Cinema invites the Berlinale audience to discover issues, history and stories of the Indigenous film world. The special series has been devoted to the cinematic storytelling of Indigenous peoples worldwide since the Berlinale 2013, where every second year NATIVe casts its spotlight on different major regions.

NATIVe celebrated its premiere with 24 films from Oceania, Australia and North America. In 2015, Latin America was the focus, which included 12 feature and 6 short films. In 2017, NATIVe presented films from the Arctic whose various cinematic styles, storytelling forms and topics in focus reveal more than just the tip of the iceberg.

Anne Lajla Utsi | Managing Director | E-mail   

Anne Lajla Utsi | Managing Director | E-mail


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Jasmin McSweeney | Head of Marketing |  E-mail

Jasmin McSweeney | Head of Marketing | E-mail

Emile Péronard | Producer |  E-mail

Emile Péronard | Producer | E-mail


The vision of ISFI is to provide the Sámi population with competence and a better economic foundation to develop, produce and screen their own films in the Sámi language. The International Sámi Film Institute is for all professional film workers all over the Sámi area both in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The film projects are to be primarily produced in the Sámi language.

Liisa Holmberg | Film Commissioner |  E-mail

Liisa Holmberg | Film Commissioner | E-mail


Māoriland Film Festival (MFF) is an International Indigenous film festival that celebrates Indigenous voices and storytelling in film. Each March, Māoriland brings Indigenous films and their creators to Ōtaki on Aotearoa’s (New Zealand) Kāpiti Coast for five days of screenings, workshops, art exhibitions and special events.

The MFF is operated by the Māoriland Charitable Trust (MCT) out of the Māoriland Hub (68 Main Street, Ōtaki).

In addition to the MFF, Māoriland operates a number of year-round activities, with a particular focus on Rangatahi (youth).  

Contact: Tainui Stephens | Charitable Trust Chair  | E-mail

Libby Hakaraia | Film Festival Director |  E-mail


The New Zealand Film Commission invests in original and culturally significant films, encourages talented New Zealand filmmakers through developing career pathways and facilitating connections offshore, and works to increase the number of people seeing New Zealand films here and overseas. We are committed to telling New Zealand stories through the medium of film. We are responsible for administering the New Zealand Screen Production Grant, the Post, Digital and Visual Effects Grant and the 5% Uplift, and for certifying official co-productions and New Zealand films for tax purposes. The NZFC supports the growth of economic activity and helps ensure New Zealand has sustainable screen sector businesses operating within an internationally competitive screen sector.

Dale Corlett | Head of Talent Development |  E-mail

Dale Corlett | Head of Talent Development | E-mail


Greenland’s first feature film came out in 2009, and since then Greenland has produced roughly one feature film per year. In a nation with only 56,000 inhabitants, increased filmmaking activities have called for an organization like FILM.GL to build proper frameworks for film production in Greenland.

Founded in 2012, FILM.GL aims to professionalize the local film industry, create better financing conditions for Greenlandic filmmakers, and raise international awareness on Greenland as a film producing nation.

Pipaluk Jorgensen | Producer / Chair Woman |  E-mail

Pipaluk Jorgensen | Producer / Chair Woman | E-mail

Karsten Heilmann | Producer / Festival Director |  E-mail

Karsten Heilmann | Producer / Festival Director | E-mail


The Native Program has built and sustained an Indigenous film circle. The cycle of our work begins by scouting for and identifying Native American and Indigenous artists, bringing them through the mechanisms of support at Sundance Institute to get their work made and shown, then bringing the filmmakers and their work back to native lands. The Native Lab Fellowship has been a vital part of supporting Native filmmakers full-circle since 2004. Four projects were selected annually for the Fellowship from a national competition and supported in two phases over the course of a year. Starting in 2015 the Fellowship will be restructured to pilot a Shorts Production Fellowship for emerging Native American filmmakers.

Maya Solis | Native American and Indigenous Program |  EMAIL

Maya Solis | Native American and Indigenous Program | EMAIL

Shirley K. Sneve | Executive Director |  EMAIL

Shirley K. Sneve | Executive Director | EMAIL

Leanne Ferrer | Executve Director |  E-mail

Leanne Ferrer | Executve Director | E-mail

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Cristian Heinsen | Executive Director |  E-mail

Cristian Heinsen | Executive Director | E-mail

Prem Gill | CEO |  E-mail

Prem Gill | CEO | E-mail


Vision Maker Media exists to serve Native producers and Indian country in partnership with public television and radio. Vision Maker Media works with Native producers to develop, produce and distribute educational telecommunications programs for all media including public television and public radio. Vision Maker Media supports training to increase the number of American Indians and Alaska Natives producing quality public broadcasting programs, which includes advocacy efforts promoting increased control and use of information technologies and the policies to support this control by American Indians and Alaska Natives.


The mission of Pacific Islanders in Communications (PIC) is to support, advance, and develop Pacific Island media content and talent that results in a deeper understanding of Pacific Island history, culture, and contemporary challenges.

Cheryl Hirasa | Director of Program Development & Content Strategy |  E-mail

Cheryl Hirasa | Director of Program Development & Content Strategy | E-mail


PLACEHOLDER Elizabeth Weatherford is founder and emeritus director of the National Museum of the American Indian's Film and Video Center and its Native American Film + Video Festival in New York and Native Cinema Showcase in Santa Fe.  She is currently working on a book about the dynamic impact of indigenous film. 



Arica Nativa Rural + Indigenous Film Festival, to woo new generations with the Soul of the Earth, with the conservation of the natural and cultural treasures of the planet that the rural and indigenous communities preserve far from the cities… Arica Nativa is one of the main projects of Fundación Altiplano, that accompanies andean communities in the challenge of heritage conservation. It promotes filmmaking as a tool for sustainable development.

Ariki Hey | Collaborator |  E-mail

Ariki Hey | Collaborator | E-mail


Creative BC is an independent society created and supported by the Province of BC to sustain and help grow BC’s creative sector (film and television, digital and interactive media, music, and magazine and book publishing industries). The society delivers a wide range of programs and services to expand BC’s creative economy. These include the administration of the provincial government’s tax credit programs for film and television; development funding and export marketing support; and motion picture production services to attract inward investment and market BC as a destination for domestic and international production. The society acts as an industry catalyst and ambassador to help BC’s creative sector reach its economic and creative potential both at home and globally.