Simon M. Benedict

Simon M. Benedict

Toronto’. Trialogue

Simon M. Benedict, Sonia Robertson
Curated by Guy Sioui Durand

September 7 – December 12, 2018
Exhibition Premiere

Co-Presented by:

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YYZ Artists’ Outlet
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 140


Curator & Artist Talk: Friday, October 19, 8:30pm (as part of Art Crawl)
NOTE: Gallery closed Sunday, October 21 

The continual occupation of a territory is enriched by multiple memories. Such is the case with the city of Toronto. Despite the prominence of cement and glass and of steel and electrification, the city site was once a vast expanse of land that was the dominion of the Three Sisters (corn, squash and beans) and of tobacco. Along with its trees and green spaces, this natural vitality is fundamental to Toronto’s being. Even still, a fragility remains as the natural spaces continue to be susceptible to the ravages of strong winds, to spontaneous actions like overflowing rivers and even more so, to the joint civic impact that moves through and surrounds this place. These are the various elements that lend their force to the works created in trialogue between the Abenaki artist Simon M. Benedict, and Ilnu artist Sonia Robertson and Wendat curator Guy Sioui Durand.

Based in Toronto, Simon M. Benedict (Abenaki) is an artist working with video, sound, performance, and photo. He repurposes existing audiovisual material and archival documents to explore our relationship to various fictional and historical narrative forms, and their impact on our reading of unmediated reality.

Sonia Robertson is an Ilnu artist from Mashteuiatsh. Installation, performance art, dance, writing, storytelling and explorations of sound and image are central to her artistic practice. Her work has been exhibition in her community, across Quebec and Canada in addition to exhibitions in France, Haïti, Mexico and Japan. 

Guy Sioui Durand is a Wendat (Huron) based in Wendake, Québec. He is a sociologist (Ph.D), art critic, independent curator, and performer (spoken words). He is specialised in contemporary Indigenous art and contemporary art.