Weaving Rainbows.png

Weaving Rainbows

Elizabeth Koroi (Fiji), Twayne Laumua (Samoa) | Aotearoa New Zealand | 2017 | Webseries | All Ages

This touching series presents a portrait of the real worlds of modern day 2SGBTQ+ people in Aotearoa. Each episode presents a very personal look at their joys and celebrations as well as their challenges and the negotiations they make daily. These glimpses into their lives show the triumph of spirit and the alofa that is shared amongst the aiga around the Pasifika region.

Elizabeth Koroi has been in the film and tv industry in the Pacific for over eight years and produced the five-part series Weaving Rainbows on 2SGBTQ+ people in the Pacific for the Coconet TV.

Twayne Laumua is a filmmaker from Samoa who is passionate about the authentic representation of Pacific people on screen. He directed and edited this mini doco piece for the Coconet TV.