TASHA HUBBARD: Life & Death in the Prairies

In Conversation with Tasha Hubbard
Moderated by Danis Goulet

Fri Oct 19 6:00PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 3

Indigenous screen-based work often addresses traumatic and emotional subject matter. Tasha Hubbard’s latest documentary, Life & Death in the Prairies (currently in post-production), is an intimate exploration of the history of Indigenous and non-Indigenous relations in the Prairies in relation to the death of Colten Boushie in 2016. Tasha accompanied Colten’s family on their quest for justice for two years while exploring the consequences of Gerald Stanley’s acquittal on her community and her own family, particularly on her young son.  

Ethical care must be taken for the subjects in these kinds of films, including having a sense of responsibility to their stories and their lives. There is also a need for self-care for those who are bringing the story to the screen. What are the challenges of working within a highly charged atmosphere? How does a director take care of themselves while also striving to ensure the wellbeing of the on-screen participants and crew? By having a deeply embedded perspective on a story, what are the difficult situations that can result?

Two work-in-progress scenes from this documentary will be screened as part of this discussion. Jon Montes from the National Film Board will take part in the panel. Life & Death in the Prairies is a co-production between Downstream Documentary Productions and the NFB and is scheduled for release in 2019.