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As part of TIFF’s sesquicentennial initiative, Canada on Screen, five Indigenous filmmakers and artists — Jeff Barnaby, Danis Goulet, Kent Monkman, Scott Benesiinaabandan, and the interdisciplinary arts collective Postcommodity — were commissioned to create VR projects envisioning Indigenous life 150 years in the future. Three of these works premiered at TIFF Bell Lightbox in June 2017, and the remaining works will be presented during the ImagineNATIVE Film Festival in October 2017. 

In partnership with imagineNATIVE, TIFF will be touring these special VR commissions and we invite communities, artist-run centres, and galleries to be part of this opportunity. 

This FREE tour will add VR experiences, with permission, to existing scheduled stops currently on the 2167 tour, and these experiences can travel distinctly on their own to new locations for one-off events or week-long installations. 



2167 will be visiting the following locations:


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Artist in Attendance: NAME

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