Call for Participants

Indigenous Youth (18-26) 
Sovereign Bodies/Healthy Nations


An imagineNATIVE + Native Youth Sexual Health Network

Indigenous Youth Filmmaking/Media Initiative

Application Deadline: June 8, 2018



Sovereign Bodies/Healthy Nations is a series of workshops and trainings for youth (ages 18-26) that explore Indigenous sexual health, gender & sexuality, and film/media making. Activities will run 2-3 times per month in Toronto from June 28 to mid-September for youth that want to make a film/video or media arts project.

Work completed through the project will be presented at a special event during the 2018 imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival in October.

This initiative empowers youth living in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area by creating space to bring their stories to life from inception to completion with foundational learning and peer-support from Indigenous filmmakers, access to gear, and post-production support.

Application Deadline: June 8, 2018

Project Partners:  imagineNATIVE, Native Youth Sexual Health Network (NYSHN)
Project Funded by: Toronto Urban Health Fund


Indigenous youth (Toronto + GTA) that are interested and have an idea for a short film/video (1-3 minutes in length), or media art project (photography, collage, digital media artwork) are encouraged to fill out the form below no later than June 8, 2018 or send an Expression of Interest to:

Online Application form here. 


What to include in the Expression of Interest:  

Indigenous Ancestry (i.e. how do you identify?)
A little bit about yourself, what you hope to gain from participating, and, a project idea that can be realized within two months.

Or, call to sign up:  416.585.2333, General Inquiries Mailbox.

Please note that the film/video/media arts work created during the workshops can reflect the related topics of Indigenous sexual health or identity but is not a requirement.

Space is limited, so sign up early!


No registration or other fees, TTC tokens available, food/refreshments available during all sessions
Foundational learning on storytelling and all phases of production, including access to a mentor, and Elder/Traditional Knowledge person
Participants must be prepared to commit to work on their film/video/media idea for the length of the project
Opportunity to access gear for free, production/post-production support from experienced filmmakers
Opportunity to exhibit / show work at a special event during the Festival
Participants will also receive a Festival Pass that includes access to all films and events
Participants must be available for June 28th full-day workshop



1. Welcome TALK/TRAINING [6 HRS]:  June 28th –10 AM – 4 PM

TALK:  What are the responsibilities of the filmmaker/artist and methods when working with topics considered sensitive or taboo (sex, sexuality, trauma, violence, colonialism) or when working with vulnerable and marginalized communities, or with Indigenous traditional knowledge and/or practices? Facilitated by NYSHN/Elder (2 HRS)

TRAINING:  Story-telling techniques (treatment/storyboard) and concept development. (4 HRS)

2. WORKSHOP: Indigenous Sexuality in Media/Film, July 12th  -Evening
This session looks critically at media representations of Indigenous identity and sexuality in film and various media, and, how media literacy can help de-stigmatize damaging perceptions. Facilitated by NYSHN. (2 HRS)

3. WORKSHOP:  Affirming Ground as 2SLGTBQ Artists, July 26th -Evening
This session discusses 2-Spirit (2S) and Queer Artist visibility within Indigenous communities and in film and media, navigating space, and the freedom and limitations of identity politics in Art-making. Facilitated by NYSHN and Coordinator. (2 HRS)

4. TRAINING:  Pre-production for Film & Video, July 31st-Evening
Participants learn the fundamentals of pre-production: planning tools, visioning, scheduling, crew building, managing resources, and gear for no-budget filmmaking. (4 HRS)

5. TRAINING:  PRODUCTION, August 15th -Evening
Participants will learn what happens on shoot by participating in a short film/video shoot in various roles. Shoot type will be determined by participating Youth. Facilitated by Guest Artist + Coordinator. (4 HRS)

6.  THE SHOOT: August 17th & 18th Day/Afternoon
Participants will carry out their project shoot independently or with a small team, or partner. (4 HRS)

7. TRAINING:  August 29th  -Evening
The Edit/Editing Aesthetics –Participants will learn about the editing process, editing aesthetics, and basic post-production. (4 HRS)

8. STUDIO TIME:  EDITING SESSION (September TBD by participant)
Participants can choose to work with a Guest Editor from the project, or choose to edit their own project. Check-ins and feedback will be available for all participants. (2 HRS)

9. CLOSING EVENT at 2018 imagineNATIVE Festival:  October
Exhibition + Feast with participants, family, friends, and community members.

Additional drop in sessions may be added as needed for Indigenous community members and for participants to work on their projects.