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Digital Media Art+Cade

TIFF Bell Lightbox, Second Floor
Open: Thursday-Saturday, October 19-21 | 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Sponsored by:

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Welcome to imagineNATIVE's Digital Media Art+Cade, the Festival's home for digital media and audio programming. This year's DMAC is sponsored by Rezolution Picutres' Schoolü, who are demonstrating their incredible Cree language Virtual Reality app. Be sure to try out this amazing experience for yourself! Click here for more information.

To access imagineNATIVE's Audio and Digital Media selections, please click on the sections below. Please note, that some of the works may require special viewing/playing instructions, so please ask one of the DMAC assistants for any help or guidance.

Also, please be sure to join us for the Digital Media Artist Talk on Friday, 20 October at 1pm in DMAC and the Audio Artist Talk on Saturday 21 October at 11:30am, where we will chat with programmed digital media and audio artists in attendance at imagineNATIVE. 


Digital Media