KuunMetsänKaisa (Kaisa's Enchanted Forest)

Katja Gauriloff  | FINLAND | 2016 | 82 MIN | Feature DOC | Sámi / French W/ ENG SUBS


Kaisa's Enchanted Forest is a poetic study into the friendship between a legendary Skolt Sámi storyteller Kaisa Gauriloff, and a Swiss writer Robert Crottet. It is set in the interface between truth and fiction, bringing together the age-old legends of the Skolt Sámi people and their destinies shaped by the Second World War. The film is based on Robert Crottet's original manuscripts, letters and notes, the traditional Skolt Sámi fable songs leu'dds sang by Kaisa Gauriloff, and 16-mm film footage and photographs shot by Spanish photographer Enrique Méndez and Robert Crottet during their trips to Lapland. The film also features one particular epic tale of Kaisa's told by the means of animation; the legend of the Northern Lights and the Bride of the Sun. Even though set in the past the film and it's themes are still current in the present day.

Awards: Best Director - Yakutsk international film festival
Golden Dove - Best animated documentary film (DOK Leipzig)

Status: Complete
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