Torben Bech / Otto Rosing | Greenland / Denmark | 2018 | 90 MIN | FEATURE DRAMA

Greenlandic, English s/t


Marius is a troubled soul. Because of a dark past, he lives secluded from the community and is generally avoided. Only when they need his ability to heal with his hands, they seek him out. When his brothers daughter meets him without prejudice, he slowly begins to open up, and hope to regain a family. Then a body is found, thawed from the ice. It is the body of his mother, who disappeared when he was a young boy. All his life his has believed, that the mother had run of to Canada with a lover and was still alive. His investigation into her death leads to dire and unwanted truths of the past and the present. 

With a suspenseful drama set in a small Greenlandic village, Rosing and Bech propose a strong follow-up to their acclaimed “Nuummioq” - Greenland’s first international feature film production which premiered at Sundance in 2010.

Status: In Development
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Michael Bevort, F180 Production
mb@f180.dk, +4542400165