Alethea Arnaquq-BARIL, Nyla Innuksuk, Stacey Aglok Macdonald

Canada | 2018/9 | 100 MIN | FEATURE DRAMA | ENGLISH/Inuktitut W/ ENG SUBS

In a small hamlet in the arctic fjords of Nunavut, a group of badass girls must prepare for an incoming attack from a new enemy aliens. In a world where Inuit myths and legends exist, and vengeful spirits lurk, the invaders may have underestimated their opponent. One thing is clear; you dont fuck with girls from Pang.


Pangnirtung, Nunavut is a hamlet town surrounded by glacial mountains that jut dramatically from the otherwise flat Arctic landscape. But this isolated village at the top of the world steeped in Inuit myth and legend holds a secret. Residents of the arctic town have noticed strange things happening within their tight knit community. Along with the increase in mineral extraction and geological experimentation, there have been strange disappearances and curious sounds emanating from the ice.

Pang is a community between two worlds. While the elders in the community grew up living nomadically on the land, the young people are just as happy eating pizza as they are muktuq (that’s whale skin to you). While the colonization of the north has brought religion to the Inuit, another belief system still exists, one that is much more powerful and much darker than any that have been enforced. It is called Anirniit: the belief that all things have a spirit or soul. These spirits are not always benevolent, in fact, they can be downright murderous if not properly taken care of.

Maika (15, Inuk) and her group of rag tag friends, love 90s hip hop, horror movies, and most of all, adventure. Together they make up a group of misfits who wander the streets of Pang and explore the arctic terrain on bikes. When an invading celestial force puts their community in jeopardy there is only one thing for the girls to do — slash back. 

Budget: 1.5 million

Confirmed Financing:  Telefilm Development: $15,000 /  Canada Council for the Arts: $20,000 /  Nunavut Film and Development Corporation Spend Incentive: $200,000


Nyla Innuksuk, Producer

t. 647.286.4587