In Times of Rain.jpg

in times of rain

Itandehui Jansen | mexico | 2017 | 89 MIN | feature drama | spanish/mixtec, english s/t


Soledad is a traditional healer and lives in an Indigenous village with her seven-year-old grandson Jose. Her daughter Adela left the village many years ago to work in Mexico City. One day Soledad receives a phone call where Adela unexpectedly announces she is getting married and wants to take Jose with her to the city. Emotionally devastated and unsure if Adela is able to give Jose the care he needs, Soledad carries on her daily routine, tending to the villagers who require her care. Although Soledad and Jose don’t know what future awaits him in the city, they both understand what he could be losing.


Status: Post-Production
Rep: None 

Budget: $200,000 USD 


Armando Bautista Garcia | Producer | 

Mauro Mueller | Producer |