Niñas de Uchitu’u (Girls of Uchitu’u)

helena saguero | colombia | 2016 | 28 min | short documentary | Wayuunaiki - Spanish subtitles


Despite the fact that Sonia, a 10 year old girl, and Yelitza, 8 years old, live in the same community of Uchitu’u and share the same blood, they couldn’t be more different. Not only have the two “wayu” girls been influenced by the contact of external practices and habits in their region, but the survival of their culture and identity has been put in danger. Materialism, western manners, commerce and tourism have conquered Indigenous communities, and have caused tension between Indigenous ancestral world-views and “civilization”.

Awards: Winner - Jallalla Category (Indigenous Short Films) - Arica Native 2017
Status: Complete
Rights Sold: None
Rep: None


Cristian Heinsein