surviving sapmi 33.jpg

Surviving Sápmi

per ivar jensen | norway | 90 min | feature dark-comedy | norwegian


 It's winter in the north of Norway. BJØRN, a young and urban stockbroker arrives at a small airport. Bjørn has inherited a house from a father he never knew. His plan is to check out the house, put it for sale, leave and never return. He meets his uncle Inge, a calm and welcoming fisherman, for the first time. Bjørn gets emotional and it touches him deep inside as Uncle Inge tell stories and shows him pictures of his Sami father.

After his car breaks down, he must stay the night in the nearest village. Bjørn embarks on a series of mad-cap village adventures and misunderstandings including being mistaken for a snowmobile thief and a sex offender, and ingesting a psychedelic drug in a cup of tea. As Bjørn navigates the rocky and often hilarious landscape of this foreign village life he begins to appreciate it. It's like he’s getting something he didn't know he needed.

Status: In Development
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Mathis Mathisen