Michael Wilson | United States | 2017 | 7 Min | Soundscape

Digital Media Art+Cade
2nd Floor, TIFF Bell Lightbox

Thursday, October 19 to Saturday, October 21


In the far future, human beings are attempting to coerce what they believe to be the last remaining herd of elk out of the mountains with bio-engineered synthetic elk. The attempt fails, and the biological elk become more vocal as the synthetic elk are packed up for maintenance and recharging. This soundscape is a futurist re-imagining of elk bugles using synthesizers and samples of actual elk vocalizations recorded in Yellowstone Park.


Michael Wilson.jpg

Michael Wilson (Anishinaabe) is an avid proponent of getting more bass into more music. Footnotes of his wasted youth include a great many piano lessons, comic books, spitting on microphones in short-lived post-punk hardcore bands, and an informal internship with Mind’s Eye Media that would result in an immersion in electronic music and DJ culture.