imagineNATIVE’s first Audio-focussed Indigenous Collaborative Exchange brings Canadian and Latin Artists to Colombia



imagineNATIVE brings a new commitment to artistic expressions in audio with its first audio-centric Indigenous collaborative exchange. The Territ-Aur(i)al Imprints Exchange will gather - for the first time - five Indigenous Artists from Canada and Latin America, all versed in audio creation techniques and projects that are deeply connected, reflective and exploratory of the Indigenous cultural milieus of their home territories.

The selected participants are all talented, award-winning Indigenous artists with innovative, community engaged practices. They are diverse in terms of audio practice – some more traditionally connected to film sound design and some completely dedicated to audio-based arts practice. The artists are: Janet Rogers (Mohawk/Tuscarora) and Casey Koyczan (Tlicho Dene) from Canada, María Dolores Arias Martínez (Maya), Francisco Huichaqueo (Mapuche) from Chile, and Alejandro Valbuena (Arawak-Kogi) from Colombia.

The artists will situate themselves for a three week-long collaborative and self directed residency at the Shain Wüunu Experimental Arts Centre, an artist-run, not-for-profit organization located in Palomino/Arawak territory in La Guajira, Colombia. 

This exchange will allow the participants to share both practical techniques and philosophical perspectives on the role that audio plays in documenting and interpreting oral traditions through a lens of creativity, ethics and cultural safety allowing for knowledge exchange, discourse, and will work with each other and share with La Guajira community members the creative process in the creation of new audio art works. 
As well, exchange will be infused with the physical and cultural surroundings of the Centre, including Indigenous-led welcoming and departure ceremonies, field trips with links to unique aural production prospects, interactions with the community members themselves and social events to incite creativity and foster creative camaraderie. 

“imagineNATIVE has longed to develop deeper connections in audio art and as well with the Indigenous media arts community in Latin America”, remarks Jason Ryle, imagineNATIVE’s Artistic Director. “Through this exchange, we can share and transfer forms of oral and audio storytelling knowledge in a uniquely Indigenous place, ripe for creativity.”

The completed works will be shared during a community presentation at Shain Wüunu as well as the imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival in Toronto in 2017.

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This project is made possible with the generous funding of the Canada Council for the Arts.