Closing Night Gala

Sun Oct 27 6:00PM

TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 1


The Sun Above Me Never Sets

Director: Lyubov Borisova (Yakutia)

Producer: Sardaana Savvina (Sakha)

Russia | 2019 | 108 min

Russian w English Subtitles | Feature Drama

North American Premiere

Altan gets a job on a desolate island. Unsure and alone, Altan discovers he has a neighbour – elderly Baibal with a special request. Baibal is ready for death and asks the boy to bury him near his wife's grave when he dies. Afraid, everyday Altan does everything to make the old man look forward to living another beautiful day.

 Lyubov was born in 1982 in Verkhnevilyuisk. She graduated from the Financial and Economic Institute of Yakutsk State University in 2004 with a degree in World Economy. Since 2011, she has worked in film as an assistant director, second director, executive producer, editing director, screenwriter and director. Currently, she is working as a producer in the film company Sakha'film.