Delegate Bag

2019 imagineNATIVE Delegate Bag Design:
Ode’imin Mukwa by Catherine Dallaire


Artist Statement:

Our communities are beautiful and thriving but also sick with physical illnesses, mental illnesses and lateral violence. When we’re suffering we often ask mukwa, the bear for strength and courage. Also important is ode’imin, the heart berry/strawberry. The berry itself represents love and the plant represents community with all the berries attached to the vine - connected hearts as one entity. This piece, Ode’imin Mukwa is a visual prayer in which manidoo mukwa, the bear spirit is shown clawing its chest open as a vibrant strawberry plant pours out from inside it, reminding us of the strawberry teachings. This action and the bear’s unafraid expression are suggestive of love, empathy and complete selflessness for the people.

-       Catherine Dallaire (



Catherine Dallaire was born in 1979 in Kitchener, Ontario. She is Métis with roots in both the Kichesipirini band of Algonquin (Allumette Island) and the Weskarini band of Algonquin (Trois-Rivières). She is a multidisciplinary fine artist and graphic designer and enjoys working in both traditional and contemporary mediums.