Night of the Indigenous Devs

Fri Oct 25 6:00PM

TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 3

 Think the iNDigital space looks really cool? Not sure what you think of Indigenous video games? Come and experience a taste of the iNDigital Space at Night of the Indigenous Devs listen to the creators talk while you watch their game played live all in the comfort of a TIFF Theatre.


Night of the Indigenous Devs - Projects 


When Rivers Were Trails

Indian Land Tenure Foundation & Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab

Make the journey west helping resistances and facing Indian Agents as an Anishinaabe who has been displaced from their territory in 1890.


Don’t Wake The Night

Brujería @ Werk

Welcome to DON'T WAKE THE NIGHT, a world and a story about community and accountability. Mystery unfolds, as you, the ghost a community of witches has summoned, must act as their impartial judge. But for what purpose?

Terra Nova


Experience first contact in the future! Play as both Terra, an Elder landkeeper, and Nova, a youthful inventor, as you guide them through events that will inevitably change their worlds forever.


Full Of Birds

Ashlee Bird & Sarah Biscarra Dilley

This work is an interactive Indigenous art gallery that seeks to complicate the traditional understandings of a gallery, as well as provoke thoughtful engagement about the spaces from which Indigenous art stems and the spaces in which it is displayed.


Hold My Hand

Nathan Powless-Lynes

Hold My Hand is a cooperative puzzle game about two people holding hands and overcoming obstacles together. Embark on a journey of companionship, attachment, and letting go.


Wao Kanaka

Ka Lei Milika‘a Collective

Wao Kanaka (“the realm of humans”) is a Hawaiian-language, first-person, exploration and puzzle game featuring Kānaka Maoli (Hawaiian) characters and traditions. The player explores different Hawaiian ecosystems to understand and uphold the concept of aloha ‘aina (“love of the land”).