Expanded Shorts Program

Friday, October, 25, 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Bachir/Yerex Presentation Space
The Commons, 401 Richmond St W

Talkback is counting coup through archival footage, song, and expanded performance — an articulated assertion against displacement, capitalism, and colonisation.

 *mature audiences

Loon Lake

Director: Tom O'Connor (Anishinaabe)
Producer: George C. Stoney
Canada | 1969 | 13 min
Cree w English Subtitles | Short Archival Documentary
World Premiere

A film (in Cree) showing the way of life and the possibilities for the future of the Loon Lake community in the Lesser Slave Lake area. The film was intended for viewing and use by the community itself. Participants include Reger Letendre, Malcolm Nosky, Dolphis Sinclair, from the community. Part of the Challenge for Change series.

Indian Film Crew
The Indian Film Crew, the first all-Indigenous production unit in Canada, was active in different forms at the National Film Board of Canada between 1968 until 1973. It was established as a joint venture between the Company of Young Canadians (CYC), and Challenge for Change, a participatory media program that had been established at the NFB in 1967.

Pemomba Eme

Director: Eduardo Duwe (Guarani Mbya)
Producer: Tenonderã Ayvu (Guarani Mbya)
Brazil | 2018 | 5 min
Mbyá Guaraní w English Subtitles | Music Video

Through song and cinematic exploration, Pemomba Eme makes strong criticism of the government, the system, the devastation of the forests, the agribusiness, the Indigenous genocide, showing the Indigenous struggle for the demarcation of lands and the guarantee of the rights won over many years of battle and resistance.

The collective Tenonderã Ayvu brings together young Guarani Mbya leaders, communication professionals and artists. Together, they aim to make feasible projects designed to diversify and disseminate cultural expressions with the Indigenous community itself.


Director/Producer/Writer: Thirza Cuthand (Cree)
Canada | 2019 | 15 min
English | Expanded Performance

A considered look at the Canadian extraction Industry and it's implications for continued colonisation, this video draws a parallel between extracting resources and Canada's zeal for extracting Indigenous children from Indigenous families for profitable child welfare Industries.

Thirza Jean Cuthand was born in Regina and grew up in Saskatoon. Since 1995, they have been making short experimental narrative videos and films about sexuality, madness, youth, love and race which have screened in festivals internationally.