Eli Hirtle,  Voices on the Rise , 2019

Eli Hirtle, Voices on the Rise, 2019

 Web Works

Sunday, October 27 | 1:00pm - 2:00pm 
Talking Web Shows in the iNDigital Space
iNDigital Space, TIFF Bell Lightbox Gallery

Join a selection of attending web series makers as they present and discuss their programmed works.

BLACKWATER - (Mini-Series Pilot)

Director/Producer: Boise Esquerra (Hopi)

United States | 2019 | 13 minEnglish | Mini-Series Pilot

Once a famous Native American country singer, Birdie has gone into a downward spiral since her excessive drinking began ten years earlier. Moving back to her home reservation, she finds herself barely clinging onto what little dignity she has left. During a late-night performance, Birdie drunkenly lashes out at tribal officers. The tribal court orders her to complete 180 days of wellness therapy. Blackwater follows Birdie as she contends with a group of off-beat individuals.

 Boise Esquerra is a filmmaker and attending the New York Film Academy (Screening). He has a BA in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production and an MFA in Filmmaking.  Esquerra is currently developing the next ten episodes of Blackwater.


Hey Cuzzin

Director: Joy Haskell (Dene)

Producer: Marcy Waughtal (Cree), Joy Haskell (Dene), Jude MacInnes

Canada | 2019 | 8 min

English | Web Series

Hey Cuzzin is family orientated and fun for everyone. It explores relationships with cousins on and off the rez following them through real-life situations.

Joy Haskell is an Indigenous screenwriter, director and producer. She has a theatre background and taught creative writing at a men’s federal prison. In her downtime, she volunteers with animal facilities. Hey Cuzzin is a comedy series made through Telus Storyhive and Creative BC.



Kutcha's Carpool Koorioke

Director/Producer: John Harvey (Saibai Island/Torres Strait/Australia)

Australia | 2019 | 8 min

English | Web Series

Cruise the streets of Fitzroy with Mutti Mutti songman Kutcha Edwards and some of our most loved Indigenous artists. They share their stories of this iconic suburb - it’s a chance for a laugh, a few songs and a yarn.

John Harvey is a director, producer and writer across the screen and stage. He is the Creative Director for BROWN CABS. His short drama WATER screened at imagineNATIVE in 2017 and produced WARBURDAR BUNUN: WATER SHIELD screening this year. John produced the feature film SPEAR which premiered at TIFF. 



Red Fang

Director/Producer: Rudy Janvier (Chipewyan)

Canada | 2019 | 10 min

English | Web Series

Oliver Rotheker lives a selfish life. On his 25th birthday, he finds the diary of his missing sister, which may or may not contain clues. Oliver starts having strange visions and learns from his grandfather; it is the mark of the Red Fang.  Gifted with new abilities, he sets off on a journey to discover what happened to his sister, and along the way become the man who he was meant to be.

Rudy Janvier is a filmmaker since college and wants to further his my skills and connect with other filmmakers.


Voices on the Rise

Director: Eli Hirtle (Cree)

Producer: Eli Hirtle (Cree), Geoffrey Tomlin-Hood, Jordan Stout, Carol-Lynne Michaels

Canada | 2019 | 44 min

English/Cree/Blackfoot |  Web Series

Language is the lens we view the world through. Voices on the Rise takes viewers on a powerful journey of discovery and reclaimed identity. Host, Eli Hirtle travels to First Nations communities to explore language revitalisation efforts across Alberta. This series is about celebrating and showcasing the beautiful journey of learning Indigenous languages, in different ways, in different places, all with the common goal of reclaiming identity, culture, and traditions.

Eli is a photographer, filmmaker and storyteller interested in documenting Indigenous cultural resurgence and revitalisation.