NATIVe – Indigenous Cinema


Welcome to NATIVe – Indigenous Cinema, at the European Film Market showcasing on films and videos made Indigenous artists from around the world. This initiative is presented within the framework of the Berlinale NATIVe special series.

We invite you visit us at Stand No.G6 at the Martin-Gropius-Bau and schedule a meeting with our international partners for opportunities, or contact us at to arrange a meeting.

This site offers EFM delegates the opportunity to preview featured works from Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Sápmi,  Greenland and the USA. Please contact to receive the password.

Indigenous filmmakers and producers of Indigenous films, we invite you to use the Stand to host your meetings. Stop by the Stand for details.

Please see our listing of additional Events and Screenings and we look forward to meeting you.


NATIVe – Indigenous Cinema 

Indigenous Cinema is a movement. Born from cultures with storytelling traditions that are thousands of years old, the past two decades have witnessed the growth of a new and exciting component of international film and video.

This booth provides producers, buyers, sales agents, distributors, exhibitors and financiers a dedicated “meeting point” to develop relationships with artists, producers and leaders in the Indigenous Cinema industry.

We invite you to delve into this diverse, rich and original cinematic world.