“imagineNATIVE is helping me be the best writer that I can be.  With their help, I now have amazing mentors, professional guidance, and financial reinforcement along the way to actually write what I want to write. I feel fully supported by them, and it's a great comfort knowing that I'm a part of something wonderful. Their willingness and openness to help artists like myself is truly a blessing.” - Migizi Pensoneau,writer Edumacation, 2018 Participant, imagineNATIVE Indigenous Screenwriting Intensive I

Indigenous Screenwriting Intensive II

Deadline to Apply: August 1, 2019.

The imagineNATIVE Indigenous Screenwriting Intensive is entering its second year!

The Indigenous Screenwriting Intensive will support four Indigenous screenwriters, two residing in Canada and two residing internationally. Over the course of the year, each participant will develop a feature film script from concept/treatment to final draft. With a focus on potential optioning, the program will culminate in a live reading of script excerpts at the imagineNATIVE Festival in October, 2020.

Indigenous story editors will support the writers’ projects at each stage, providing feedback, advice, and writing resources. Screenwriters in the program will receive financial support throughout the Intensive, with stipends at the completion of key milestones.

It is expected that each participant will meet deadlines and participate in any group or one-on-one calls or Skype meetings, and will attend in person at the group workshop (March 2020). Travel, accommodation and hospitality will be provided.

Part of this Intensive is sharing your work with the script editors, select iN staff, and the other participants for feedback. You will be expected to read and provide commentary on the other participants’ work.

2018 Participants: Migizi Pensoneau - Edumacation, Gail Maurice - Rosie, Bryson Chun - Where is My Mind?, and Alexandra Lazarowich’s Two Funerals, a Round dance and a Wedding.

Program timeline and components:

August 1, 2019: Application Deadline

September 2019: Successful applicants will be notified.

October 2019 – January 2020: Applicants receive feedback on their concepts, 1st draft is developed

January 2020: First Draft Due

January - March 2020: All participants read all drafts & provide notes/feedback

March 2020: 1-week group workshop, including table-reads of all drafts and feedback sessions, as well as guest speakers from the industry

March – May 2020: 2nd draft is developed incorporating feedback from the group workshop

May 2020: Second Drafts Due

May-June 2020: Feedback provided on all second drafts

June-August 2020: Final Script is developed incorporating feedback from second draft reviews

August 2020: Final Script Due

September-October 2020: Package & Polish - participants create script packages and prepare for the script-reading during the Festivall

October 2020: Live reading of script excerpts at imagineNATIVE 2020.

Note: Development stages will include regular calls/Skype meetings with the script editors, iN staff, and other industry professionals who will deliver remote sessions to the participants to aid with each stage of development.


Open to Indigenous screenwriters/filmmakers worldwide.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Complete an application form

  • In addition to the application form, applications must include the following (sent in one e-mail):

  • 3-5 page treatment for your film idea: write the story in prose

  • 2 -3 pages of a scene(s) to illustrate dialogue

  • References - provide stills or images that reference the overall tone/look/feel that you want your film to have. These can be images or stills from popular films, stock images, or your own photography. Provide a brief, written explanation of the tone/look/feel.

  • Writer’s Statement - Why do you want to write this film? What do you want to get out of participation in the Screenwriting Intensive?

Please send all application materials to: achartrand@imaginenative.org

The deadline for applications is Thursday, August 1, 2019. The selected recipients will be notified by September 15, 2019. Questions regarding the application can be sent to Adriana Chartrand, Institute Manager, achartrand@imaginenative.org


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