iNDigital Space: VR


Full Circle

Artists: Naomi Condo (L’nu Gesgapegiag First Nation), Craig Commanda (Algonquin Anishinaabe Kitigan Zibi First Nation)

Canada | 2019 | VR


Take a journey inside the mind of a young Indigenous woman as she takes you through her desire to reconnect with her family members. As the beautiful melody joins the poem, you’re transported into the mind of the young woman and your journey with her takes place and see how she questions how different life would be today had her family been able to pray their way.

Naomi Condo is an L’nu filmmaker from Gesgapegiag First Nation, Quebec. She uses poetry, music and moving imagery to express herself as a way of healing. She’s had her short films screened across Canada and the United States. ‘I am L’nu’ has been one of her most picked up films.

Craig Commanda is an Anishnaabe filmmaker and musician from Kitigan Zibi First Nation. His works have taken him around the globe. Currently studying Film Production at Concordia University.


Kakwitene VR

Artists: Monica Peters (Onkwehonwe)

USA | 2018 | VR


Visit a beautiful flower garden inspired by Mohawk Woodland Raised Beadwork where you can fly to explore Kanien’kéha words through colourful spheres.

Monica is founder of; a small tech company based in Akwesasne Indian Reserve #59 that develops Indigenous Language Revival & Retention software solutions & location based XR experiences.

p.53 Thunder_Ksistsikoom.jpg


Artist: LeeAnne Ireland (Metis), Jessica Hawryluk (Neskonlith), Levi First Charger (Blackfoot), Randy Bottle (Blackfoot)

Canada | 2018 | VR


Experience a thousand-year-old story passed down through generations of community leaders in spite of adversity and colonization in this VR story as you follow the journey of a man who must challenge the powerful spirit, Thunder (Ksiistsikom). Tradition and technology transcend the negative narrative of being Indigenous and embraces culture, language and history.

The Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth (USAY) is the Lead Creative Company. We are a charitable organization that supports Indigenous youth ages 12 to 29 years to realize their versions of success through traditional Indigenous and technology based programming.


NAHGA - "Fish Eyes 360" (ft. Lawrence Nayally)

Artist: Casey Koyczan (Tłı̨chǫ First Nation), Travis Mercredi (South Slave Metis Nation),

Mason Mantla (Tłı̨chǫ First Nation), Riel Stevenson-Burke (Chipewyan/Cree nation)

Canada | 2019 | VR


In May of 2018, artist Casey Koyczan created an installation on the shore of Russell Lake. It was constructed as a multi-use shelter for local hunting, fishing, and berry-picking; but also as a stage. On the shelter, Koyczan performs “Fish eyes”; a live-looping electro-alternative song as his artist persona ‘NAHGA”. This experimental VR music video was heavily influenced by the beauty of the Behchokǫ̀ area.

Inspired by history, culture, and their interactions with the human world and technology, Casey Koyczan’s art seeks to bridge the gap between visual and audio interpretations of art, while pushing the recognition for aboriginal values and politics. His large-scale artworks provide compositional value and experimental techniques to achieve his unique aesthetic.


Wenazìi K'egoke ; See Visions

Artists: Casey Koyczan (Tłı̨chǫ First Nation), Travis Mercredi (South Slave Metis Nation)

Canada | 2019 | VR


Stories and legends in the Northwest Territories are passed on through storytelling, writing, music, plays, and films. Take the next step in our interpretation of our culture to fully immerse viewers within the stories, myths, and legends of the Northwest Territories.

Inspired by history, culture, technology, and their interactions with the human world, Casey Koyczan seeks to bridge the gap between visual and audio art. Now as an interdisciplinary artist, he utilizes a wide skill-set within media-based outlets such as experimental video and virtual reality as a platform to present his visions. His artwork has been shown across Canada and in parts of Europe and South America. He is also a musician, actor, writer, and overall arts advocate for future generations in the Northwest Territories.

Travis Mercredi is a producer and sound designer from the Northwest Territories. He has been working primarily in audio across film, video, radio, theater and music under his business Outland Sound Design since 2009 but has since been shifting his focus to interactive mediums. He is currently residing in Montreal enrolled in Concordia University's Computation Arts program and is also a research assistant with Initiative for Indigenous Futures.


Northern Sights 360

Artist: Leela Gilday (Dene), Casey Koyczan (Tłı̨chǫ First Nation), Derrald Taylor (Inuvialuit)

Canada | 2019 | VR


People all around the world are fascinated with the North, but very few of them ever get a chance to visit. Through Northern Sights, a varied selection of works from professional musicians, storytellers, sculptors, painters, and media artists alike are being captured using virtual reality technology, creating immersive environments for audiences, giving them unprecedented realistic experiences of today’s North.

Derrald Taylor is an Inuvialuit carver and jeweller from Tuktoyaktuk, NT. Taylor is known for flowing, realistic carvings of Arctic wildlife, hunters and drum dancers. Taylor’s major artistic influences include his father Bobby Taylor Pokkiak, Inuk Charlie and Bill Nasogaluak. An Indigenous multi-instrument live-looper who utilizes a variation of effects with his instruments and voice to create dynamic layered compositions that house anecdotes of electronica, hip-hop, and rock/metal/industrial music.

Casey Koyczan represents a Northern aesthetic inspired by culture, technology, politics, and northern legends. Casey is a multiple award-winning Dene singer-songwriter

Leela Gilday is the kind of performer who simply takes your breath away with the pure power and beauty of her voice. From passionate anthems to soulful ballads to rhythmic blues, Leela’s songs reveal an extraordinary musicianship and a sheer joy in the art of music-making.