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October 22-26, 2019

The Institute’s Festival Industry Days is the only annual event in the world specifically for Indigenous creatives and industry professionals looking to engage networking opportunities with decision-makers at panels, pitching events, workshops and master classes on the art, craft and business of media arts -- from an Indigenous perspective.


Panels + Masterclasses on creative and culturally-focussed trends or topics engaging attending artists and Industry leaders.

Practical Workshops on specific sectors of the industry.

Pitch Training + Development for Indigenous creatives in web series. Visit HERE for more details.

International Networking Day: Expanding in 2018, networking event(s) pairing 60+ industry decision makers and attending Indigenous creatives in 900 one-on-one meetings to develop, finance, distribute or sell Indigenous media content. Visit HERE for more info.


Mediatheque: An on-site online access point for consideration all submitted works to the Festival for programming and acquisition.