Māoriland Film Festival


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Tainui Stephens      
Māoriland Charitable Trust Chair

Tainui commenced his broadcasting career with Television New Zealand in 1984. As a director, producer and executive he was responsible for over 500 hours of programming. His work today includes film production, cultural consultancy, governance, and writing. He is chair of the M?oriland Charitable Trust and committed to domestic and international indigenous film production, distribution and exhibition.

Contact: tainui.stephens@gmail.com

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Libby Hakaraia


Libby Hakaraia is a producer and director with over 25 years experience in broadcasting and journalism. In 2014, she established the M?oriland Film Festival - Aotearoa's premiere international Indigenous film festival. Hakaraia is passionate about local and indigenous storytelling, and using contemporary tools to reach wider audiences. She argues that M?ori filmmaking "is a way to empower our communities. It is a process that our culture understands inherently.

Contact: libby@maorilandfilm.co.nz