About us


Indigenous Cinema is a movement. Born from cultures with storytelling traditions that are thousands of years old, the past two decades have witnessed the growth of a new and exciting component of international film and video.

Indigenous peoples have had a long relationship with the camera; some of the first footage ever shot on film depicted Native American performers. For most of the first century of filmmaking, however, portrayals of Indigenous peoples were not favourable or complex, as they were predominantly told from non-Indigenous perspectives by non-Indigenous filmmakers.

Beginning in the 1960s and proliferating in the late 1990s, Indigenous filmmakers took up the camera and began telling stories never before seen on screen. These original storytellers continue to enrich the national cinemas of their home countries, whilst contributing to an international industry that is rapidly expanding and finding new, eager audiences.

Hotbeds of Indigenous Cinema production include Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Sápmi (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia), the United States, and throughout Latin America. Indigenous artists everywhere – from Russia to Taiwan to South Africa – are contributing to this cinematic movement. Numerous film festivals focusing on Indigenous Cinema have sprung up the world over providing audiences, artists and industry professionals the opportunity to engage with this dynamic work.

Supported by a consortium of partners – and within the framework of the special series Berlinale NATIVe – we are pleased to welcome you to our booth, the first of its kind, at the European Film Market celebrating and showcasing Indigenous Cinema. Partners contributed to the selection of short film works that are available for preview and which are but a small glimpse into the vast body of works – from dramatic features and documentaries to all genres of short films – that Indigenous artists around the world make each year.

This booth provides producers, buyers, sales agents, distributors, exhibitors and financiers a dedicated “meeting point” to develop relationships with artists, producers and leaders in the Indigenous Cinema industry.

We invite you to delve into this diverse, rich and original cinematic world.