New Zealand Film Commission



Head of Marketing

Jasmin is the Head of Marketing at the New Zealand Film Commission. She is responsible for the promotion and marketing of New Zealand films and the NZFC, in New Zealand and internationally. She consults with filmmakers, international sales agents and distributors on international film festival and market placement. Within New Zealand, she assists distributors and filmmakers to identify and engage with their film’s audience through test screenings, audience research and distribution grants. Since 2005, Jasmin has been involved with the marketing and promotion of most of the films the NZFC has invested in including Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Boy, The Dark Horse, The Dead Lands, Tickled and Poi E: The Story behind our Song.

The New Zealand Film Commission is a crown entity working to grow the New Zealand film industry.

The work we do touches on just about everything to do with film.  We invest in feature films, short films, script and career development and marketing and promoting New Zealand films and filmmakers both here and overseas.  We are committed to telling New Zealand stories through the medium of film.  We often work in conjunction with other government agencies, such as the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Tourism New Zealand and the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment.  We are responsible for administering the New Zealand Screen Production Grant, the Post, Digital and Visual Effects Grant and the 5% Uplift, and for certifying official co-productions and New Zealand films for tax purposes. 

Through our financing and administration of incentive schemes we have been involved in more than 300 feature films including Boy, Goodbye Pork Pie, Heavenly Creatures, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Avatar, Whale Rider and Mr Pip.

We have a permanent staff of 28 and are based in Wellington.  We also have a number of staff members supporting us on fixed term contracts.


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