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An ideal candidate for this residency:

The person ideally suited for this opportunity is an artistic forward-thinker with an interest or basic experience in digital art and technology. The candidate should be a team player; open to evolving their concept in new and possibly uncharted artistic and technological directions; able to commit to the entirety of a formal development phase for the project, including up to two (2) visits to the NFB Digital Studio in Vancouver (minimum 3 days per visit, length to be determined in relation to project).


What kind of work is eligible?

The sky is the limit—dream big. We’re looking for audacious, innovative, socially relevant interactive-media works. Proposals can be for works in any digital medium and genre with a focus on mobile phone and virtual reality experiences, including interactive documentary, mobile apps and locative media, interactive animation, virtual reality/360 experiences, interactive photo essay, and data visualization. The development phase of the project needs to be realized within a maximum budget of $50,000. A separate budget for the production phase of the project will be completed should the project move forward with the NFB. The overall budget range for the production will be determined by the nature and scope of the project.


Who can submit?

Aspiring and established Indigenous digital-media artists with Canadian citizenship.


Project idea/theme?

Theme is wide open. The selection committee will consider innovation in form, content, message and impact.


Selection process:

  • Submission and selection process will be administered and coordinated by imagineNATIVE with a joint selection process between the two organizations.
  • The NFB would be the producer of the project during the development phase, and the successful applicant should expect to collaborate on the creative development of the project with NFB digital staff.
  • The production phase would be produced or co-produced by the NFB. Creative producers may be considered as team members for the project.
  • Standard NFB procedures and regulations apply to the project during the development and productions phases.
  • Ownership of the project is retained by the artist if the work does not advance to the production phase.
  • There is no obligation for the NFB to produce the project beyond the development phase. The NFB’s regular process for green-lighting a project for production would apply.
  • Should the NFB choose to produce the project to completion, imagineNATIVE would have first rights for the world-premiere launch of the project, upon its completion, at the next annual imagineNATIVE festival. The NFB will make best efforts to time the launch of the project to respect this right.
  • Should the NFB choose not to green-light the project for production, they will work with the artist to enable them to take the project elsewhere for completion.


How do I submit?

E-mail the following to

a. Set your project idea down in two pages. Your proposal should answer the following questions:

  • What’s the story?
  • How does it work? Discuss form, platform, technology/software and intent.
  • What will happen? What’s the user experience like—how do users navigate and interact with the story you are creating? Describe the project as best you can, step-by-step. How does interactivity enhance the story and the user experience? Note: You may include up to two pages of visual mock-ups as supplemental material to this question. The Selection Committee should be able to imagine what an average person’s experience of your piece would be like.
  • Who’s it for? Who is your audience, how will they connect with the work? What methods or strategies would the final product employ to generate interest or foster engagement and interaction with the work or between users

b. Include a short biography, CV and one or two examples of previous, relevant work (private online screening links, website or apps; this is in addition to your two-page project idea).

c. If this is your first interactive project, please send us links to your other creative work.

Submit any questions regarding the application to imagineNATIVE Industry Director Daniel Northway-Frank:


What’s the submission deadline?

August 30, 2018.


When will you announce which project has been selected?

During the 19th imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival, October 17–21, 2018.


What if I have a question about what to submit?

We encourage applicants to reach out to us about their ideas for feedback while putting their proposals together.

If you have any questions, please contact Dana Dansereau (Producer) at the NFB ( and c.c. Daniel Northway-Frank ( 


How many projects will be selected?

One project will be selected jointly by imagineNATIVE and the NFB.

What happens if my project is selected?

Your project will proceed through a development and production phase, up to a maximum budget of $50,000. You will work collaboratively with NFB digital staff and producers to develop your idea, create a budget and a plan, and then take the initial steps to make it all happen. In some cases you’ll do a lot of this work on your own or with people you’ve worked with in the past. In others, the NFB will provide skilled people to work with you and help deliver on your vision. The NFB is not a funding agency or a granting organization. As creative producer, the NFB will be actively involved in defining the project and providing technical development. It will also provide all financing and administer the budget for the development phase. You’ll receive a fee for your work as the lead creator/developer. imagineNATIVE will provide creative input at key stages throughout the development phase. Work during the production phases will be determined by the unique requirements of the project.

In the final stages of production, imagineNATIVE will get the pertinent information required to present the work at the imagineNATIVE festival. The work will be officially included in the festival’s Digital Media Art+Cade and in the appropriate digital spaces for both in-person and virtual engagement with audiences. The artist will be invited to attend and present their work, and partake in artist talks or industry discussions.


Can you give me some relevant examples of interactive work to look at?

Take a look at Also:

2013 NFB/imagineNATIVE Interactive Digital Project, Similkameen Crossroads, by Tyler Hagan:

2014 NFB/imagineNATIVE Interactive Digital Project, Ice Fishing, by Jordan Bennett:

Multi-component installation

Bear 71, web VR:



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