The imagineNATIVE Mediatheque

Supported by NBC Universal

Miles Nadal JCC 750 Spadina Avenue, Lower Level Thursday, October 16 Sunday, October 19 10:00a.m. 7:00a.m.

For Mediatheque access, please check in at the Guest Services Desk, Miles Nadal JCC Lobby.

The Mediatheque is open to festival delegates only and provides access to the 2008 video library, viewing stations and Internet. Please note that priority is given to Industry Pass Holders, specifically buyers, commissioning editors, acquisition executives, distributors, sales agents, and festival programmers.

The Mediatheque provides a video library with on-demand videotheque facilities allowing festival delegates to view all works submitted to the 2008 festival. The mediatheque allows buyers to preview works and offers filmmakers a unique opportunity to promote their work.

The Mediatheque Catalogue is available to Industry Delegates only, upon presentation of their Industry-Pass. All productions housed in the Mediatheque are listed in the catalogue along with the film, title, director, country, and contact information for each title.

New Media and Radio Viewing Stations

The mediatheque provides computer terminals allowing Festival delegates to view/listen to all new media and radio works in the festival. Internet access is also available to delegates at these terminals. Please find the guide to the new media and radio works here.

October 17 - 21 2007