Sunday, Oct 21 2007, 1:00PM
Al Green Theatre

Co-presented by Planet in Focus International Environmental Film and Video Festival / 100.3 CKRZ FM

First Stories: Volume III - His Guidance
2007, Canada, 6 min, Beta SP,
Ontario Premiere
Director: Duane Linklater

For this proud drumkeeper, the drum is a “kind old man” offering guidance and knowledge....more

Territoire des Ondes
(Land and Airwaves)

2006, Canada, 12 min, Beta SP
Director: Wapikoni Mobile Media, Patrick Boivin, Alland Flamand

A beautiful film depicting the relationship between First Nations people and radio to make their voice heard....more


2007, Canada, 5 min, Beta SP
Director: Tahentishon & Iothore

A young girl interviews her uncle, traditional medicine keeper Eddie Grey from Akwesasne about medicinal plants and their uses....more

...And Native Land
2007, Canada, 10 min, Digital Beta
Director: Miles Turner

Did you ever wonder how the other side lives? This short documentary explores the national identities of Six Nations and Caledonia residents....more

2007, Canada, 17 min, Beta SP,
World Premiere
Director: Gail Maurice

The purity of water on northern Ontario First Nations is put under the microscope to startling results....more

(Trip to the Falls)

2006, Finland, 1 min, Beta SP,
North America Premiere
Director: Milla Pulska

Young Sámi boys show off their catch of the day against stunning tundra landscapes....more

(Mothers of Our Nations)

2006, Canada, 48 min, Digital Beta,
Ontario Premiere
Director: Dawn Martin Hill

Mothers of Our Nations is a remarkable documentary that explores the traditional and contemporary roles of women in Aboriginal cultures. Dr. Martin-Hill digs into the past and examines the present, as she combines the voices of Elders and Women from all over the world. Mothers of Our Nations is an inspiring documentary that points the way to the future by sharing traditional knowledge about the roles that women have played in our community and history....more

October 17 - 21 2007