Purity and Decay.jpg

Purity & Decay

Meagan Byrne, Tara Miller | CANADA | 2017 | Game (Work-In-Progress)

Digital Media Art+Cade
2nd Floor, TIFF Bell Lightbox

Thursday, October 19 to Saturday, October 21

NOTE: Purity & Decay is a work-in-progress slated to be completed in 2019. The game's first chapter is presented at iN,
and can only be played onsite at the Digital Media Art+Cade during the Festival. 

Life for a hard-up detective is never easy, especially when you’re from the Ground, the lowest level of society. But life takes an unexpected twist when an Upper District dame hires you to solve the mystery of her murdered sister. An innovative combination of old school detective noir and cyberpunk, the ‘cybernoir’ Purity & Decays is set seven generations in the future and imagines an Indigenous world where colonial violence has ended. Utilizing the popular Telltale adventure game style, Purity & Decay is a new kind of Indigenous gaming experience; due to be completed in 2019, its first chapter is presented here.


Meagan Byrne (Métis/Swampy Cree) is a Hamilton-based game designer currently working freelance. She sees games as another part of passing on traditional knowledge while creating new knowledge as she believes that games are how we naturally and safely interact with a world that is scary and strange.


Tara Miller (Maliseet) was born in Ottawa and is trained in multiple art forms including painting, printmaking, and sculpture. She enjoys telling stories through her art, no matter what the medium. Currently, Tara is studying animation at Sheridan College with the goal of furthering herself as an animator and storyteller.