The Land Of Rock And Gold

Janine Windolph | Canada | 2016 | 91 MIN | Dramatic Feature

Thursday 20 October 2016 | 12:00 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox, Cinema 3
World Premiere

Co-presented by: Reelworld and Native Canadian Centre of Toronto

On a snowy day deep in the dead of winter, Willie mysteriously runs off into the woods. As the days pass, his worried partner, Rochelle, and young son are left to fend for themselves as she tries to find clues about his disappearance. As she becomes increasingly consumed with finding him, Rochelle’s erratic behaviour raises the alarm of child services, which seeks to apprehend her son. Panicked, Rochelle flees into the forest as she begins to slowly unravel a web of deceit that she could not expect as the truth of Willie’s disappearance reveals itself. The Land of Rock and Gold is co-directed by Daniel Redenbach.


Janine Windolph is an educator, filmmaker, performer, multimedia storyteller, and entrepreneur.  She has her Master of Fine Arts Interdisciplinary in Media Production and Indian Fine Arts. Her personal practice centres on oral storytelling, memory, genealogy and family history. Janine’s works include RIIS from Amnesia: Recovering the Lost Legacies, From up North (for which she was a co-recipient of the Zoomer Media Award), and Braided Histories.