Nicolás Rojas Sánchez | Documentary Feature
Spanish/Damana |Columbia | 2018 | 71 min
International Premiere

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 | 6:00pm
TIFF Bell Lightbox, Cinema 3

The Wiwa of the Sierra Nevada ready their cameras, a useful tool to show the world the damage humans are inflicting on nature. A group of women whose mission is to care for and protect nature’s seeds called the Saga to carry their message. Their ancestral wisdom is handed down from generation to generation through song in the Ushui, a sacred house. Torn between two desires, to keep ancestral knowledge sacred and for the community or to open up to modernity for the world for the greater good, the Wiwa reveal the layered importance of collective responsibility and mutual respect.


Born in the Kankuamo territory, Rafael Mojica Gil grew up with his Wiwa culture instilled by his parents. He became a cameraman for the group of indigenous filmmakers Zhigoneshi in Santa Marta, where he made documentaries such as Palabras Mayores, 2009 a series of 9 chapters for Telecaribe; Nabusimake, memory of an independence, 2010; Resistance in the Black Line, 2011. He is the founder and director of the collective Bunkuaneyuman whose audiovisual projects work towards reaffirming the autonomy of the Wiwa people.