wnoondwaamin | we hear them

By Autumn Chacon, Jeneen Frei Njootli, Melissa General And Suzanne Morrissette
Curated By Lisa Myers
Presented by TSV. Co-presented by: imagineNATIVE.

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World Premiere
October 22 to December 10, 2016, Tuesday through Saturday, 12:00­–6:00pm
Trinity Square Video
401 Richmond Street West, suite 121

Look forward to this exhibition touring across Canada in 2017/18.

Opening + Festival Reception: Friday, October 21, 5:00–8:00pm, Performance by Jeneen Frei Njootli: 6:30pm

wnoondwaamin | we hear them calls for the occupation of sound waves, exploring the capacity of these energies to access knowledge and memory. Through performance, Jeneen Frei Njootli turns an ear to materials, such as caribou antlers, to sound the transmission of embedded and layered ancestral knowledge. Utilizing low wattage radio transmission, Autumn Chacon’s in-gallery installation transmits and receives audio broadcasts from borders, dividing lines and barriers, overcoming physical and perceived obstructions between otherwise regulated spaces. From medicine baths to running rivers, Melissa General accesses sounds shared across time and through memory, constructing water compositions that encourage deep listening. Focusing on the subtle, often unnoticed, sounds of landscapes, Suzanne Morrissette blends microcosmic sound and images to reveal how human activity and land intertwine. Together these artworks create a chorus and conversation about the resonances that sound carries beyond merely the audible.

Thank you and miigwech to John G. Hampton for his work in the development of this exhibition at TSV and the upcoming exhibition tour.